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Self-Locking Outlet Covers

How do I INSTALL Socket-Lockits Outlet Covers? Keep the outlet cover as straight as possible during insertion as excessive angulations may cause difficulty for removal in some outlets. 

How do I REMOVE Socket-Lockits Outlet Covers? When you remove the product put your thumb and middle finger on either side of the outlet cover and push the cover in towards the wall to ensure that the barbs aren’t caught on the back of the outlet.  With your thumb and middle finger still in place use your index finger to push the button down until it bottoms out.  With the button depressed use a side to side rocking motion and pull the cover with your thumb and middle finger to release the prongs from the socket.

How do Socket-Lockits work?  Socket-Lockits help reduce electrical and choking hazards in your home. Socket-Lockits' unique patent-pending design incorporates:

  • Self-locking barbs to prevent tiny fingers from pulling covers off.
  • A convenient pressure-button release to make removal easy for adults.
  • A variety of designs printed with non-toxic ink to match any décor.

Are the inks used on Socket-Lockits Outlet Covers safe?  Yes, we use all non-toxic inks to print our designs onto the Socket-Lockits self-locking outlet covers.

How do I order Socket-Lockits Outlet Covers?  If you are looking to buy just a few packages please contact one of our our retail locations listed here on the website… for Wholesale orders of 50 packs or more see our Wholesale Contacts page.

Can I create custom design for my Socket-Lockits Outlet Covers? Socket-Lockits can be customized with just about anything imaginable­— from fabric to photos­­—to match all your product lines.

How do I create a custom design for my Socket-Lockits Outlet Covers? Please use the Wholesale Contact page to contact our Custom Design Department to discuss the details of your project.

Where can I find Socket-Lockit outlet covers?  See our retail listings on our Where to Purchase page.


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